Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hey Woozens,all over the world!
It's WoozWorld Blog calling tonight!With very very happy news!
Guess What!?Now,you can take part in our big big big big big competition!! ''It's All About Fashion'' the name of our competition!How you can join and what you must do:

The competition wants to you to show us your most beautiful style that you have got!Take a photo of your stylish Woozen and then send it to our email:!It's super,isn't it?

The winner will get a special present!JOIN NOW!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jay's Birthday are coming!!New clothes for his party!

Jay's birthday collection is now available in Stores and Shopz! If you're a VIP, get your shopping done at ZeChic because everything is on SALE! See you at Jay's party on Friday! The dress code is: awesome.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The WoozPaper Vol.121

Hello Woozens!
WoozBusters, we’ve uncovered so much new information about ShamWooz!  Thanks to your excellent work uncovering clues in the 500-year-old ghost‘s memory Unitz, we now know that was an ancient shaman assigned to protect Woozworld against some terrifying event!  Now that we know ShamWooz isn’t as bad as we thought, how can we help him?  There’s still so much more for you WoozBusters to figure out!
And of course, there’s also an extra-special event a week from today – JayWooz’s birthday party!  Whoooooo!
We also want to remind all Woozens that bullying and any kind of inappropriate behavior (language, conduct, or Unitz) will not be tolerated in Woozworld.  Moderators will continue closing down inappropriate Unitz. If you aren’t sure as to why your Unitz was closed or why you got a sanction, please read the Code of Conduct (link below).  Mods are here to make sure you can enjoy Woozworld safely and securely!  Please help them do their job by reporting inappropriate behavior (see the Help Center for more information).

Weekend Eventz

This weekend, be sure to rest well – Jay’s birthday is coming up on Friday!
On Sunday, August 26th from 1PM WT, JennyWooz will be in Woozworld to go Swimming with all you woozens!

Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge Winners

Last weekend Jay held a Unitz Design Challenge for you to create your very own WoozWoodz Camp Cabin! Woozens, we must say again, you are all very talented! Every time Jay does the Unitz Challenge, it gets harder and harder to choose a win!






Here’s next week’s Eventz calendar!

Schedule for August 20th to August 24th
When? What? When? Who?
Monday What the Wooz?! talk show 4:00 PM WT JayWooz
Monday What the Wooz?! talk show (repeat) 7:00 PM WT JayWooz
Tuesday Hurdles Game 4:00 PM WT JennyWooz
Tuesday Discussionz with Jenny 7:00 PM WT JennyWooz
Wednesday Last WoozSportz Weekly! 4:00 PM WT JayWooz
Wednesday Freestyle Hour 7:00 PM WT JayWooz
Thursday Max’s Game Show 3:00 PM WT MaxWooz
Thursday Max’s Game Show 7:00 PM WT MaxWooz
Friday Mya’s Late Night Show 4:00 PM WT MyaWooz
Friday Jay’s Birthday Bash 6:30 PM WT all Woozband

Articles from Woozens

ShamWooz Theory by carter224
So I was checking out Shamwooz’s Memory Unitz, and you know how Shamwooz is 500 years old?  Well maybe he was the protector of a key or something so maybe he was warning us to leave because he was trying to protect the key. So maybe all those spells he has been casting might be to stop the person who wants to destroy Woozworld – he could trying to stop ZackWooz. We know how he hates the Woozband, so ZackWooz might be trying to destroy Woozworld forever so maybe we should keep our eyes peeled for Sham and ZackWooz, because one might be good and one might be evil so maybe we should try to catch ZackWooz just to be safe. Who knows maybe ZeenaWooz could be planning to destroy Woozworld!
Interviews with Woozens by Mei222
Hi Woozens,
Hope you’re having an amazing summer! Today I interviewed several Woozens on their thoughts on Woozworld, style and the latest news. Thank you to everyone I interviewed for your time and opinions!
On Woozworld
Mei222: How long have you been on Woozworld and what do you think of it so far?
MaxRosy: 14 days and this is an awesome game! I go on it every day.
Mei222: What is your favorite thing to do in Woozworld?
XSwaggaBabeX: Make friends and go shopping :)
On Style
Mei222: What are the latest fall trends in Woozworld?
The-Jester: I’m not really that into fashion, but pastel colors are “in” right now. Pajamas are definitely a popular style in Woozworld. Also the loose braids and most of the lifeguard clothes are trendy. (The-Jester is wearing a dark shade of the explorer ponytail, a black, white and red varsity jacket, dark skinny jeans and red African summer sneakers)
Mei222: What colors in clothing do think are going to be big this fall?
Danielledyn: I think it would be red black and blue.
Mei222: How would you describe your own style?
-LoVeU-: Style is how I show my own passion and it also shows who I am.  I would describe it as a rocker mixed princess look. (-LoVeU- is wearing a black and white spring flowers dress, black with white headband summer camp cutie hair and sneakers)
On Special Events
Mei222: What did you think of the Woozlympics?
ellen131: It was great because all the eventz were exciting and you were able to see all the animators too.
That’s all the interviews for today! Thanks for reading.
xoxoxo Mei222
Back-to-School Tips by Nelio4
Hey guys! It’s Nelio4 but you can call me Nelly. Anyway, let’s get right to it! IT is THAT time of the year once again that evveeeeryyyyone dreads……. BACK….. TO….. SCHOOL!  Tip One: Always get homework done first (if your parents find out they could take away your computer time). Tip Two: You don’t have to play for seven hours a day. Something from 30 minutes to an hour is good. Tip Three: Set a timer and around 5 minutes before the timer goes out say goodbye or do whatever you need to do then. Why? Because, like me I get distracted and get myself into another situation that means I’ll be on later than I want to be. . .  I hope these helped! :D Have a WoozWorld Day! -Nelly / Nelio4
Until next Friday Woozens!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mya's Late Night and Star of the Week

-Hey Woozens!
I had a super great time yesterday with the Woozens at  my surprise Star of The Week and then at my Late Night Show!!
The "Star of the Week" took part at my Late Night's place,and the woozens must wear the best school outfit to be the Star of the Week after the voting from the Woozens which didn't took part!!

At the Late Night Show,I talked with the Woozens about the Star of The Week,Fashion,we took together photos and we danced!!It was a super Late Night Show!!
Love you Woozens!!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Make Woozwrold safer and better

-Hey Woozens
I am so exciting with this week's clothes collection the "Spookz"!But dont forget!!We are here to have fun all together and hang out without problems!So,please report any inappropriate behavior and/or language with the report tool!!So let's make Woozworld the coolest hangout around!!
Check out the Help Center for more information!!
And buy from my new collection XD!!!!

The next JennyWooz is...

Woozens I am here to show you the next JennyWooz or the new JennyWooz.Anyway,to show you a girl which is like JennyWooz!!Who is her??
She is of course Erin277!!!
She is the girl which looks perfectly like!!
But as she said on day at her popular hospital: "I am not a copy of JennyWooz!! Of course I like her but i dont want to be a copy,only my shelf!I just like very much her colour codes" (she didn't told those exactly)!!
Do you want to see some photos of the beautiful Erin277?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mya's Trend Tracker-Spookz Collection

-Hey fashion lovers!
This week on Trend Tracker, let’s investigate the new outfits! I’m calling this one: the Spookz Collection! These clothes are a lot warmer than the past few outfits because WoozBusting has been giving me the chills! Geared up in my new collection, you’ll be able to stay up all night uncovering ShamWooz’s secrets!

he inspiration for this outfit came from a floral patterned backpack I saw online. I think florals have officially made it onto every single clothing item imaginable. It’s so in right now!
Second, these knee high moccasins are ultra comfortable! The height of these boots made them trendy and a little edgy (but not too much! tee hee! this is a good girl’s outfit!).

The inspiration for this outfit comes from all the people I see traveling in the bus and subway listening to music on their headphones. Whenever they take off our headphones, they rest them around their neck, I even see people who keep the headphones around them all day! So I thought: why not!
The nerd glasses are inspired from this picture of Joe Jonas! What a cutie! Doesn’t he look incredibly charming and well mannered with these nerd glasses? I just had to have them for this week’s outfit!

And what am I wearing you ask? ;)
This outfit is totally chic! I’m wearing a classic black and white striped quarter sleeved shirt, a faux-fur vest (wearing real fur is a big NO-NO! Yetis need their fur too!), black leggings, black ballet flats with glitzy gold sequins all over and a plum colored purse for a punch of color! I love this outfit so much! I feel like it’s comfortable but glam at the same time! I hope you love it as much as I do :)
Well that’s it for this blog post! I’m off to plan next week’s outfits!
See you in Woozworld!